Leaping Lizard!  LbNA # 44236

Placed DateOct 26 2008
LocationOracle, AZ
Found By Ramdelt
Last Found Nov 23 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 24 2015

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Walkup
Stamp: Hand Carved

From Route 77, travel towards Oracle on American Ave. The Oracle Public Library is on the right and just up the road on the right "a giant lizard perches on a rock to welcome visitors to the Pedrestrain Parkway. ... It's made of concrete and ceramic tiles and is much more whimsical than frightening. The tiny park also contains two huge tile arrowheads also designed by Salter and created by eighty volunteers. Salter died in 1999." Some works of Martin Salter are here along with a beautiful butterfly garden and picnic benches.

The lizard is the starting point to find the box. Take a look around the lizard and notice the arrows mentioned above. Past these arrowheads are two more interesting items. A huge gong and a butterfly "map". On the map, you're looking to find the Altides Halesus. This same butterfly in another part of this tiny park will lead you to the box. Look under a rock just to the right of this second sighting of the Altides Halesus for the hidey hole of the leaping lizard. You can sit on the bright yellow bench dedicated to Martin Salter to do your stamping in. Please make sure to position the rock correctly when returning the box so that the box can't be seen.

"And now, here's the interesting part: Salter was not an artist. He was a mining engineer who loved art and wanted his community to be a place of culture."

This box was inspired by Arizona Curiosities written by Sam Lowe. The quotes are his words from this book page 148-149.

Added bonus: You're very close to the Peppersauce box.... Why not take just a little more time to find that one too?