Halloween Mistake - 2008  LbNA # 44237 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateOct 25 2008
LocationCypress, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Nov 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 200 yards

Status of Letterbox: Alive and Well on 12/28/08

The "Halloween Mistake - 2008" letterbox is my 2008 addition to the Halloween Park, Telge Park. This park boasts the 2nd most letterboxes of any park in Texas! Come find them if you dare!

From Houston, go out Hwy 290 toward Austin. Exit Telge Rd, and turn right on Telge. Go through intersection of Cypress North Houston. Soon after, you will cross Cypress Creek. Turn right into the park on your right.

To the Letterbox:
Walk in the park enterance. Go right to the wire fence. Go left along the fence to the creek. Go through the fence opening and go under the bridge. On the far side, keep going straight on faint path to the tree line. Count steps when you enter the trees along the path, going 25 steps. Go right on faint path up the hill for about 20 steps. Now go left for about 20 steps to a large tree. Box is at left base of this tree, covered with multiple sticks.