Who Killed The Reverend?  LbNA # 44272

OwnerHez, Grumpy and Mona    
Placed DateOct 27 2008
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 25 2016
Hike Distance?

In the late summer of 1973 Reverend Robert Lambert went for a walk with his wife in the park across the street from his home to have what friends said was a serious conversation with her. It was said by those who knew him that the Reverend and his wife did not finish their conversation and he told his friends the following day that “they would have to go back to the park again tonight”.

The Reverend and his wife returned to the park that evening and walked to the overlook of the park’s waterfall. It was in this area that an unknown assailant attacked the Reverend with a sharp instrument. As he was trying to defend himself from further blows his finger was severed and he was knocked to the ground at the top of a steep path that led to a pool below the falls. He either rolled or was dragged halfway down the path and was then fatally injured by his assailant.

His wife made her way to a neighbor’s house and the police were called.

It was said at the time that he was killed by his eldest son, but that was never proven and to this day his murderer has not been found.

After entering the cemetery where the Reverend was laid to rest in our little town, take your first right and then another right. You will see his white pyramid shaped headstone on your left, right next to the road.

Facing his headstone, look over your right shoulder to a large cedar tree, right behind the cedar is a multi-trunked tree. Look in it’s center.

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