Autumn: Scarecrow  LbNA # 44280

OwnerThe Locksmiths    
Placed DateOct 26 2008
LocationPeoria, IL
Found By Nancella DeVargas
Last Found Apr 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Go to Forest Park in Peoria and park in the lot. Follow the paved path to the right of the Nature Center and continue straight when it becomes gravel. When you reach the trail marker post, follow the Valley Trail to the left. Then turn right on Deer Run Trail. Continue straight at the intersection in the prairie, and go up the wooden steps.

Turn right at the marker to continue on Deer Run Trail. Walk for awhile, and the trail will descend. At the bottom, turn right onto Lower Deer Run Trail. After a short distance, turn left onto the small trail by the marker that points the way to the Nature Center. Walk six paces from the marker, and look to your left. You will see a tree that splits into three trunks. The scarecrow waits for you there, where he watches over his field.

After stamping in, return to Lower Deer Run Trail and turn left. Cross the brick-paved ditch and continue on the trail. Go straight when given the choice. When you come out in a parking lot, look across the road (at 290° if you have a compass) to find the sign post that marks the continuation of Lower Deer Run Trail. Continue on the trail, cross the sidewalk, and turn left at the T intersection to return to the Nature Center.

Please bring your own ink.