Mountain Ghost  LbNA # 44312

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateOct 31 2008
LocationCarmen, NC
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Last Found
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 31-OCT-08 (Halloween!)

Location: From the junction of US 25/70 and NC 208 near Hot Springs, take 208 north for 2.5 miles and then turn right onto NC 212. Follow 212 for 11 miles and then turn left onto Big Creek Road. Drive 2.3 miles down Big Creek Road and watch for the parking lot on the left for the korF egdiR trail.

Distance/Time: 4 miles / 3-4 hours

Terrain: Strenuous packed dirt trail with few rocks. 2,000 feet elevation gain.

Note: Black ink recommended.


It was Halloween, and the spirits were restless. This included the mountain ghost of the A. Trail. Are you a ghostbuster? Would you like to capture an image of the ghost? Impossible to photograph, but there is another way… Start by slogging your way up the relentlessly ascending blue-blazed trail. The trickster ghost has sometimes painted yellow over the blue, but don’t be fooled. There really is only one way to go, and up it is!

Eventually you’ll reach the ghostly white trail. Hikers on this trail are usually on their way from Georgia to Maine. However you’ll want to turn the opposite direction, towards Georgia, if you want to meet that ghost. He lurks nearby to taunt the hikers who are hoping to soon see a shelter. Some say he is the ghost of a hiker who never finished the trail, while others say he is the spirit of a former president who was born in NC. Since the mountain beside you is named after him, this theory may be correct. Head to the sign that confirms you are at that mountain. Take another 66 steps and you’ll see a large, spooky, dead tree on your right – the perfect place for a ghost to hang out. If you’re brave enough, you’ll find him lurking behind that tree, at the base of a fallen one, secure under a rocky tomb.

Please be sure he is securely captured back in his plastic prison so he can’t easily escape and won’t evaporate in any water that could seep in. Congratulations successful ghostbuster! You may now roll back down that mountain…

Since we live a long ways away, we’d really appreciate an email with a status update if you look for this box.