Pleasant Valley  LbNA # 4437 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2003
LocationLibertyville, IL
Found By Good Grief Charlie B
Last Found Dec 23 2006
Hike Distance?

Independence Grove is set in the broad valley of the Des Plaines River. It is 1,100-acres and offers a wide range of nature, outdoor recreation and education opportunities centered on a 115-acre lake reclaimed from a gravel quarry. Miles of trails, an expansive lake, graceful prairies and quiet woodlands provide a picturesque backdrop for many fun activities.

To find the Pleasant Valley Letterbox, enter Independence Grove off highway 137, just East of Route 21. Make a left just passed the gatehouse. Go to the end of the Des Plaines River Trail (DPR) road and park at the North Bay Pavilion.

At the very end of the road is a circle. Find the DPR trail to the left of the circle leading over a bridge. Follow the DPR trail over the bridge. Continue the trail to near the top of the incline. Looking to the left, you will see 2 large trees with a small dirt path between them (well before the trail splits). Before taking the path, take a moment to look at the view. It is very scenic and the trail will continue for more than 3 miles if you’d like to just have a nice walk. Otherwise, turn back to the dirt path and enter the wooded area following the dirt path to the right as it splits. Not far after following to the right you will see a rotted tree stump. It will be fairly tall with a sharp point at the top where the tree split when it broke and fell to the ground. The box is hidden near the end of the fallen tree, next to the stump under a couple of large pieces of bark. Make sure to cover it again when you leave.

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