No Footprints  LbNA # 44394 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 4 2008
LocationMesa, AZ
Found By The Star of Gus
Last Found Apr 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Geocachers: You are welcome to find this Letterbox, but please do not remove the stays in the box.

Distance: Roundtrip is 3.2, steep hike
Placed: Nov. 4, 2008
Entrance Fee: $6
Mini Box - No inkpad or pencil

The stamp is missing, but please sign & stamp in.
This little box is just to remind everyone when you hike on trailheads, be sure to stay on the trail and leave No Footprints anywhere else.

NO FOOTPRINTS is hidden on the Wind Cave Trailhead in the Usery Mountain Park. To get there - from Hwy 60, go North on Ellsworth Road until it becomes Usery Pass Road - then go about 7 miles to the park entrance on your right. Many nice trails in this park but most of them are flat - and I like one that climbs. This one climbs 820 feet in about one and one-half miles up to a shallow cave. However, to find "No Footprints", start walking on the trail and when you have walked 20 to 25 minutes you will come to a series of rock steps - about 19 steps. When you get to the top step, walk to your right about ten paces and you will see a group of small rough boulders. There are kinda three rows of boulders and the box is behind the second set of boulders toward the right side under a pile of rocks. This park always has folks hiking on it, and sometimes people are sitting and resting on these boulders, so please do not let anyone see you digging around to find it and - of course, hide it back very carefully so it doesn't show at all. I LOVE TO SEE WHERE PEOPLE ARE FROM...PLEASE PUT YOUR CITY AND STATE WHEN YOU STAMP IN.....