COCo's - Otero  LbNA # 44438

Placed DateNov 7 2008
LocationLa Junta, CO
Found By dlbisblest
Last Found May 6 2012
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COCo's - Otero

The COCo's is a letterbox series consisting of 64 letterboxes...okay, well, it will when it's finished. This series represents every county in the state of Colorado. Originally, Colorado was subdivided into just 17 counties, only two of which remain today as they were originally defined.

For the 'Professional Boxer' these stamps are not intricate, what can you do with a square county? We will; however, attempt to place them in interesting locations and also seek to place them where no other box has gone before.

To assist you and make it a little more fun, there is a county map of Colorado available on our Blog (see link above) that we used to carve these stamps. Please print the map before heading out for your first box.

It may take us awhile to get around to all 64 counties, so please be patient. Hopefully we'll finish before there are 65.


Named for Miguel A. Otero, a prominent settler, this county was created in 1889 when it was split off from Bent County. Otero county history includes traverlers seeking new horizons across the Santa Fe Trail and early entrepreneurs using William and Charles Bents' Fort as home base for trading and selling with the native indians and US Army. For 16 years, it was the only settlement on the Santa Fe Trail between Missouri and Mexio. Don't forget to checkout the Koshare Kiva Museum. This museum is registered by the Colorado Historic Society. Built in 1933 by a BOY SCOUT TROOP! Today it houses one of the finest collections of Native Indian art and artifacts.

To find this box...find your way to La Junta and skate on over to the park within a park, where Tony left his mark. Notice the encircled pavillion between Tony's mark and the pond?

Stand on the west side of the pavillion facing the east. The large slanted rock has a spor on the backside. Please be cautious, as this is a busy place.

Have fun! Give us a shout and let us know the status of this box.

The sporaddicts (Boxtops, Celtic Sojourner, Dolphin Rider and Shurtugal)