Golden Eagle Rock  LbNA # 44439

Placed DateNov 7 2008
LocationLedgewood (Roxbury), NJ
Planted Bynjwags    
Found By The 3 Chicos
Last Found May 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Location: Ledgewood Basin Park, aka Morris Canal Park, Ledgewood, NJ

Hike: 1.4 miles, moderate. Trail goes up the SW side of a ridge, then down the opposite side. Box is hidden at summit.

Directions: Rt. 46 East, bear right on Main St. before Rt. 10 intersection. Make 1st right onto Emmans, park will be immediately on your right. Enter then bear left and park in the uppermost lot, next to red cabin.

Hike begins straight ahead. Follow YELLOW blazes, be sure to go right at fork in the trail. Shortly after blue trail turns right, yellow trail will go right, heading up the ridge. FOLLOW YELLOW BLAZES CAREFULLY as the trail eventually leaves the main path and winds up the ridge. Trail needs some maintenance, but is well-marked with blazes.

As you reach the summit, there will be a very large rock outcropping - "Eagle Rock" on your right. Climbing this gives you a view of Ledgewood, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL - there are some deep and wide crevices running through the middle of the outcropping, and the boulders are very slick on damp days. I don't let my younger kids climb on it.

The trail proceeds to the left of this outcropping - there is a large boulder a few yards away, and then a few yards more brings you a little higher up to a rocky clearing - pretty much the summit of the hike. Look for a flat, rectangular boulder in the center of this clearing. Along the side of this boulder are three large rocks - move these to find the letterbox wedged underneath the boulder.

Trail proceeds down the other side of the ridge - the easiest leg of the hike. At the bottom, turn right on the unpaved road to return to parking lot. On your left will be the historic Morris Canal. Thanks for taking this great hike!