Whitehall Journey  LbNA # 44462

OwnerNorth Star    
Placed DateNov 9 2008
LocationWoodway, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Whitehall Journey Letterbox

Directions from I-35

Take Meridian/Hwy 6 exit.
Take Waco Dr exit.
Go through the first light and turn left and go under the over pass. Head W on Hwy 84 or you can stay on the service road.
Go to the Texas Central Parkway/Santa Fe light.
You will turn right on Santa Fe Dr.
Head down Santa Fe Dr. You will see the signs to Whitehall Park and Cemetery, it is on the left.
Drive to the parking lot and the end of the tree line entrance Park and head towards the large gazebo.

Directions to Whitehall Journey Letterbox:

**Please take a moment and cover boxes back up. This park has a lot of traffic.**

To Box#1:

Find the 3 large pieces of Limestone rock. Standing in front of the largest of the three, 3 steps to the left will drop you to Box #1.

To Box #2:

Passing the large gazebo, a small quartet holds your second box.

To Box# 3:

Look for the lone diner and head in that direction. There is a large Cedar tree on the Right. Its neighbor has swallowed what you seek.

To Box #4:

Facing box #3 you will need to look to your right. Cedar tree twins are keeping Box #4 company.

**Whitehall Trail letterbox is located in the same park**