Eye of the Forbidden Falls  LbNA # 44471

Placed DateNov 9 2008
LocationHunting Valley, OH
Found By Lyndell
Last Found Aug 24 2010
Hike Distance?

*** UPDATE (August 26, 2010): Someone besides the placers
*** has finally stamped into this letterbox! This hearty
*** individual has the following warnings:
*** 1) Apparently there are two "interpretive trails" at
*** farm, so be sure to take the right one.
*** 2) The "scenic waterfall" is sometimes no more than a
*** trickle.
*** 3) "I spotted the wedge shaped rock and started looking
*** for the box. Took me forever to find and I almost gave
*** up - I kept turning over the wrong rocks until I
*** finally spotted it at the last minute between a couple
*** slabs."

This letterbox is at the falls at Case Western Reserve University's Squire Valleevue Farm. The entrance is located on Fairmount Road, east of SOM Center Road.

After entering the Farm, follow the signs to the Interpretive Trail, which roughly follows the stream. Throughout the farm, you'll find maps. Use the maps to find your way to the scenic waterfall (near marker 3 on the interpretive trail), which is where the letterbox is.

Getting down to the waterfall can be quite a challenge! We recommend following the cliff trail downstream of the waterfall for a while to allow easier access to the streambed. Then hike down to the stream, and follow it upstream to the bowl-shaped area where the falls are.

Starting behind the most voluminous part of the waterfall, facing the waterfall (from behind it), turn right and walk 12 paces along the cliff wall. Tilt your head slightly up. About 15 feet away, you should see a rock jutting out that is shaped like a wedge with a corner chipped off - a bit like a bird missing a beak. Follow your eyes down to the ledge floor. Tucked behind some rocks in a crevice (a few feet to the left of the point directly beneath the bird, about a foot from the wall) you'll find what you seek concealed beneath several stones (please replace these when done). Also, please bring our own inkpad and pen.