Pack 261 Den 5 Old Mine Park  LbNA # 44478

Placed DateNov 9 2008
Locationtrumbull, CT
Planted ByCookie Cat    
Found By Lovey Dovey
Last Found Aug 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Old Mine Park - Park near bridge

Go across the southern bridge that leads to the field/ pavilion and have some beef jerky.

Proceed to the right of the pavilion to the main trail and continue up trail a few feet and take second left up the hill. Before the trail decends down to the field, there is a right hand turn that brings you up a hill. After a bit of walk up, the trail will flatten out where you can have some water to quench your thirst from the salty beef jerky. On your right will be one of the old mine attempts - continue up hill.

If the trail breaks enough that you have to pull yourself up, you are getting warmer. After 80 yards you will see a large fenced in mine. Say hello to the mine and follow left side of fence up hill to the West. When you are at the top left corner turn to the left and look for the proped fallen tree that has a large moosehead root ball exposed. Say "moo" to the root ball and follow the closer fallen tree laying flat near the moose 13 1/2 paces to the end.

Look for a triangular stone over the end of the fallen tree. Reach in and say "hurray - den 5 scouts rules"