Best seat in Town  LbNA # 44483

OwnerKaRoka kids    
Placed DateNov 9 2008
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jan 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Unscramble the scrambled word to fill in the blank, then solve the riddle to find the
Best seat in town

1.Itís time to get outside and have some fun!
Drive your car to the parking lot for the ________ at Mapleton (oopl)

2. Now walk up the ramp and turn around.
Have some fun at the __________ (aplyrguodn)

3. Beyond the playground and up a bit
The _________ course will keep you fit (obcstaleb)

4. Continue on, you are in line
You will soon see the purple _______ (sgin)

5. This is not a hike for the weak
Take a left and cross the ______ (ceerk)

6. Now we have crossed the bridge
Follow the trail to _________ ridge (dkoata)

7. Sip some water and tighten your lace
Now we journey up the _______ staircase (rgand)

8.At the fork another choice you make
________ Valley trail you should take. (snitaas)

9. Now on our path we will not stray
Take a right on _______ highway (ntrsaue)

10. You are getting close, but do you need a sign
Look up ahead and see the ____ line (owerp)

11. Power lines should be your guide
Now please turn on the dirt path on the ____ side (eftl)

12. three little pine trees look so cute
Stay on the trail to find your _____ (otol)

13. Donít boast and brag, youíre getting close
As a _______ there are 2 blue posts (remakr)
14. Over or around a fallen tree
An abandon _____ you will now see (inme)

15. Youíre not there yet, donít worry
have a ______ at the chairs if you're in no hurry (estr)

16. Up the trail just a bit,
Youíll see a ______ to take a sit (chneb)

17. On the back and in the rocks
You have managed to find our _____ box! ☺ (tterle)