Meadowview Farm  LbNA # 44498 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Farm is located near I-295 and Creighton Road. From I-295 head west on Creighton for two miles, turn right onto Cedar Fork then turn right on Clarendon Rd. Drive into the park, pass the house on the right, take a left and then right to the Armour House.

The Gavel Letterbox – John Marshall’s farm was once located on this property. Marshall was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835. He is credited with making the judicary (the courts) an independent and influential branch of government.

From Armour House
Start at the back door and walk down the original driveway. It’s now a walkway lined by trees.
At the end of the path, you will see two paths that are across the street. You want the path on the left.
Cross the street and go down that path.
Continue past paved path on the left.
You will pass the school playground on the right.
Once you pass the grove of trees on the left you will see the Ceder Hill house across the road.
Head down the hill to the parking lot by the house.
Head to the lamppost on the right side of the parking lot.
Walk up the hill toward two Virginia Pines. The letterbox is behind the second pine.

The Arrowhead Letterbox – The Arrowhead letterbox was made to recognize the Indians that once lived in the area and also for the summer camp that was also located on this property.

After replacing the gavel letterbox, head back up the hill to the trail that you were on.
Remember that paved path that you passed earlier? Take that path.
Cross the street and continue on path.
At the next intersection go straight until you come to an open field with a shelter and playground.
Cross field through the shelter to the opposite side of the field to a pile of rocks around a gully.
Take a right and take 12 steps along the tree line.
To the left you will see a fallen tree.
Under this tree near the stump you will find your next letterbox.

Azalea letterbox – The property has several azaleas that were planted by the original owner. While you can’t take one of those home, you can take one that was made for you to find.

Return to the trail and take a right at the next intersection.
At the fork take a right. You will soon see the Armour House on top of the hill.
When the trail makes a sharp turn left towards the house, look for a small grassy area on the right.
On the left of this grassy area are a few logs; under the light colored log is your final letterbox.
Congratulations. You have finished this series.