Berea - Honoring a Veteran  LbNA # 44499

Placed DateNov 11 2008
LocationBerea, OH
Found By c.butterfly
Last Found Aug 27 2010
Hike Distance?

You will be looking for a SMALL or MINI box. It is a 6 oz (3x3˝x2”) lock & lock container that is covered with camouflage duct tape.


MATERIALS NEEDED: The box contains only a logbook and a stamp. Please bring your own Stamp-pad or Inking pens as well as a writing instrument.


DIFFICULTY: This is a drive by.
Hike Length: 0.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 5 feet



Our family has resided in Berea since 1980, but we have only recently developed an interest in letterboxing.

Although we are very fortunate that the area is rich in letterboxing opportunities, I find that few of them have themes that are specific to the Berea area.

I am now planning a number of letterboxes featuring local culture, features and history.

This box was not a part of my planned Berea boxes, it just happened.


This morning it occurred to me that with tomorrow being Veterans Day, perhaps a box honoring a veteran would be nice. I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I have hastily prepared this mini-box. My original idea was to honor Lt Albert E. Baesel. Lt. Baesel, a member of an early Berea family, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after giving his life for his country in the First World War.

I started looking for a good hiding place in Woodville cemetery where he is interred. I found that Woodville is so well maintained that selecting a place where it would not be accidentally discovered would be difficult. I then looked at Berea’s American Legion Post 91 which is named for Lt. Baesel, but found that their grounds also offered few good hiding places.

Then it occurred to me that the Berea Triangle has memorials to Veterans of several wars. My final selection of a place for this box will not require a hunt through the park, but it can be a good history lesson and it honors not only Lt. Baesel, but also all the rest of Berea’s Veterans.



Approach the city municipal complex from Bagley Road by traveling south on Front Street. The triangle which serves as the city "Square" will be on your left just before West Bridge St. Pull into one of the parking spots at the triangle. You can circle it if necessary.

You will see a large carillon (bell tower) which is surrounded by memorials. The memorial on the north side of the carillon is dedicated to those who served in WW II, Korea, and Viet Nam. Step around onto the grass at the back side of that stone. Facing the back of the stone you will see a cover plate (for the water?) with ground hugging evergreen scrubs (Juniper?) on both sides of it. Grasp the edge of the shrub on the left hand side at it's nearest point to you and lift it off of the ground. There you will discover your prize.

This is a busy area and you can be seen from many directions. Please exercise more than the normal caution in order not to be observed while getting and placing the box. Please replace it in a similar manner hiding it well.

Please let me know the status of this box when you find it.
It is helpful if you log your find both here and on Atlas Quest
I hope that you enjoy this adventure.