West Woods Letterbox  LbNA # 4450 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 8 2003
LocationCleveland, OH
Found By Wee Walkers
Last Found Nov 27 2007
Hike Distance?

***This box was removed by Park Services. We are working to renew the permit and have it replaced***

West Woods Park, Russell Township, Ohio
Geauga Park District
Geauga County
Nearest Big City: Cleveland

Difficulty: Easy - you will need a compass.

The West Woods is located on Route 87, east of Cleveland, in Russell Township, between Route 306 and Route 44.

From the Nature Center, follow the Trout Lily Trail until it intersects with the Discovery Trail. At the intersection, turn left. Follow the Discovery Trail until it intersects with the Bridle Trail and turn right. You will cross a bridge, then two culvert pipes with small creeks running through them. You will also walk over several run-off logs crossing the path.

The Bridle Trail will begin a second gradual uphill climb. Along the uphill climb, you will find a run-off log on the path just below an overhanging tree arched over the path. On the right will be a tangle of vines. Four paces BEFORE the run-off log is a sandstone colored rock on the left of the path.

From the rock, take 10 paces at 150 degrees to a solitary boulder in the woods. Take 12 paces from the boulder at 240 degrees to a tree in a small clearing. From the tree, go 7 paces at 120 degrees to a stump at the creek’s edge. The letterbox is in the stump.

Enjoy your day at the West Woods!

Leah and Libby