You Got To Have 'Em  LbNA # 4452

Placed DateJun 21 2003
LocationVienna, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Aug 27 2013
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You Got To Have ‘Em
Nottoway Park
Vienna, VA
Placed by BeMa
June 21, 2003

Level of difficulty – easy clues, easy walk

According to Da, sports are a very important part of growing up a boy. Having never grown up a boy myself, I can’t confirm this fact, but I believe it to be true. This box is dedicated to Da’s love of sports, as a boy and as an adult with a bit of the boy still inside.

Enter Nottoway Park and follow the signs to the fitness trail(bear right). Park at the end of the lot by the soccer field (behind which is Curry field). Follow the paved path from the lot past the soccer field. Pass the first sign for the fitness trail. Enter instead at the second sign on the right near the bench and the “pets on a leash” sign.

Start down the path and look for the excercise stations. Doing the exercises at each post is optional. But, whether or not you stretch your body, you will need to limber up your mind by being sure to note down the numbers of the fitness sites you pass (not how many there are, but their actual numbers). This information will be needed later on…

Continue down the path. Pass the picnic tables. At the “T” take a left. Pass over a little stream (please note that at this time it has been raining for over a month. These little streams may be dry if the sun ever comes out). At the next intersection, take a left and pass over another little stream. You will come to an intersection with a little tree in the middle. Take a left. You should immediately pass a large tree on the left with a big hole in the bottom. Keep noting the numbers of the exercise signs…

At the fitness station with the big flat rock to sit on relax and take five or find your heart rate or whatever. Now comes the excercise for your brain. Look back at your notes and add together the numbers of the stations you have passed (including this one). Remember that number. Arise, stretch and continue on, keeping a separate tally of the upcoming fitness sign numbers until you have counted to 20. From this point, Recall the total of the first group of stations. Proceed down the path this number of big steps. This should bring you to a tree on the right that is sticking out into the path. Take a reading of 300 degrees. “You Got To Have ‘Em” is located between two trees several steps off the path in this direction, covered with a lot of sticks and bark.

In sports, as in life, sometimes “you got to have ‘em” to get by. Hit the showers -- your work out is done!

We hope you enjoyed the search for this box. Be a good sport and let us know at Thanks!