A Little New Mexico Sunshine  LbNA # 44574 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2006
LocationGearhart, OR
Found By Tweeter Tracks
Last Found May 9 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 12 2015

Gearhart, OR is a coastal town between Astoria and Seaside along Rte 101. Head south on 101 from Astoria. At the center city stoplight (Dairy Queen on your left), turn toward the ocean. MIND THE SPEED LIMIT, STRICTLY ENFORCED! You will come to a little shopping area with a very nice restaurant on your left, along with an excellent bakery and a fudge shop that makes THE BEST scones in Oregon. Get to the scone shop early, she sells out every day early. Now you can go to the second stop sign and turn right or back northerly. First get a local tide chart. At low MINUS tides you'll see a crowd at Gearhart beaches wielding strange plastic and aluminum tools along with short shovels, head lamps, hip waders and other devices of their own design. Stop and ask about what they are doing. A clue. Gearhart is the razor clamming capital in Oregon. After you find all about them, order some at your next local meal.
Oh yes, about the letter box, I almost forgot. After the right turn at the 2nd stop sign, you will see a multistory condo building on your left. Park in the condo lot--you are next to Gearhart by the Sea. What a fun place to stay--office across the street. Oh yes, go to the south end of the parking lot and find two guardians of a stone/driftwood rendering on the southeast corner of the building. Under stones on the building side you will find some New Mexico sunshine!
PS--This is A VERY BUSY SPOT SO FINDING AND REHIDING WILL BE A REAL CHALLENGE. Take your time with clever diversions or masquerades to accomplish the hide. Most of all, have fun!
Carving by rbrhorno.