'67 Chevelle  LbNA # 44585

OwnerThe Pink Ladies    
Placed DateNov 9 2008
LocationCorona de Tucson, AZ
Found By Simple Dreamer
Last Found Feb 23 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

NASCAR racers drive around in circles looking for the finish line and NHRA dragracers drive straight to the finish line. We’ve got both kinds of racers in our family. If you’re a circle track fan, visit the Varoom Varoom box. If you want a quick find check out the ’67 Chevelle box. This box is dedicated to our brother who bought his dream car from a friend and turned this street car into a race car complete with rollbars, electronic gizmos, and a souped up engine.

On the Southeast side of Tucson you will find a motorsports complex featuring Tucson Raceway Park a NASCAR sanctioned track and Southwest International Raceway, a ¼ mile sanctioned NHRA dragstrip. Here you can watch locals speed their way to the finish line in hopes of a big payout.

To the box: Head to the corner of Dawn & Houghton Rd. Follow the “Dragstrip” sign west on Dawn Road to the next “Dragstrip: sign. Follow the road and arrow through the chain link fence to the 3rd “Dragstrip” sign. Park you vehicle near the sign where the winners are listed. Box you seek is located behind the railroad ties between the “Dragstrip” sign and the “Winners” sign.

As usual keep your eyes peeled for creatures that sting and bite.