Memento Mori Tomb  LbNA # 44591 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 19 2008
LocationNorwood, MN
Found By a silk hill spy
Last Found Oct 18 2011
Hike Distance?

The legend is that in a time before the indigenous occupants of
this area there was another species of humanoids that lived in this
area. A species of limited height. Yes the little known Ebu Gogo,
three foot tall ankle biters of the floresine age. With their
passion fruit sized heads covered in hair, pot-bellys and with ears
that stick out it has been noted that they may related to a recent
presidential hopeful. They are thought to have walked somewhat
awkwardly and are often said to be "murmuring" in what is assumed
to be their own language. It is also said by the locals that the
Ebu Gogo can repeat what is said to them in parrot-like

There are legends about the Ebu Gogo kidnapping human children,
hoping to learn from them how to cook. The children always easily
outwit the Ebu Gogo in the tales. One such tail is recounted below.
The children of central Norwood tell how, some 800 years ago, they
disposed of the Ebu Gogo by tricking them into accepting gifts of
cattail fibers and leaves to make clothes. When the Ebu Gogo took
the fiber into their cave, the children threw in a torch to set it
a fire. The kids were dancing outside of the cave entrance and
singing, "that is how you cook the Ebu A Gogo." The story goes that
all the occupants were killed, except perhaps for one pair, who
fled into the deepest forest, and whose descendants may be living
there still. The adults of Norwood having heard of this awful
occurrence constructed this cadaver tomb (or "memento mori tomb",
Latin for "reminder of death") to try and atone for their
children's evil digression.

To this day children of Norwood have been known to go lost for
days only to return with far fetched stories of abduction by
"little people". Sometimes late at night it is said that you can
hear ghosts of dead Ebu Gogo's repeating the song of the children
and dancing around the Memento Mori Tomb.

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke them Ebu Gogos

Puff, Puff, Puff and if you smoke yourself to death

Tell Sault Peter at the Golden Gate

That you hate to make him wait

But you've just got to have another cigarette.

To find this letter box you will have to travel well past the civilized confines of the Greater Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Prepare your self. It is considered by most to be a long and arduous journey consuming the better part of an hour. Not for the faint of heart. Turn south on the street named for the inventor of a communication code of the 1840's. Cross the railroad tracks and proceed to Elm Street. West to Reform Street. North on Reform you will see a large gravel pile. Drive around to the southwest corner of this lot. Here you will find an ATV trail. Follow this trail west. As the trail starts to arc north, to the southwest you will see a downed tree, a little farther southwest you should find the tomb. In the tomb under some rocks I have left a stamp with the likeness of the Ebu Gogo.

Keep a close hand on your children. I heard strange noises coming from the ground. I think the Ebu Gogo's have long memories!