In Vino Veritas  LbNA # 44592

Placed DateOct 10 2008
Location???, IL
Planted ByBlackwulf    
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 18 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is planted at a local winery here in Illinois. In order to find which one you need to answer some questions first. There are 7 questions relating to wine, there will be 1 letter from each answer to spell the name of the winery. Once you get the winery name, you can find it on the web to get you the exact address and location, then you have to head there, go inside to the wine tasting counter and say "I am here to toast to the Queen" It is running joke with the woman who is letting me plant this box. First finder will find an extra stamp to take with them, and also from time to time there may be some free tickets for wine tastings as well. May need to do some research to find some answers. Good luck and enjoy.

1. Chianti is mainly made from this type of grape? ( 3rd letter is 3rd in the answer)
2. Green skinned grapes are used to make this common white wine. (last letter is 2nd in the answer)
3. This wine is usually a robust red, but is also made as a white variety. (7th letter is last letter of answer)
4. Ice Wine is made from what type of grape? (1st letter is 4th in the answer)
5. Champagne is this variety of wine? (4th letter is 5th in answer)
6. Red wine with medium body and hints of berry, plum, and currant. (2nd letter is 6th in answer)
7. This type of wine is usually served heated and is spiced. (4th letter is first letter of answer)