Maule M-7 Amphibian  LbNA # 44595 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMountain Heart    
Placed DateNov 18 2008
LocationMoultrie, GA
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Apr 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Maule M-7 Amphibian

Directions: 4 miles southeast of U.S. Hwy 319 on Highway 133 near Moultrie, GA

Directions from I-75 heading South - Tifton, Exit 62. Turn right onto Hwy 319 going south to Moultrie. Once you get into the Moultrie city limits, you will come to the first traffic light (Chevron station on left, Best Western-Expo Inn on left). Turn left at traffic light onto 319 South Bypass. Continue to the third traffic light (BP station across the street on left, Hardees on right) and turn left onto Hwy 133. Go approximately 4 miles and Sunbelt Expo (Spence Field) will be on the left.

Directions from I-75 heading North - I-75 North to Exit 18 in Valdosta. Turn left at the light and cross over the interstate. This road (Hwy 133) will carry you straight into Moultrie (approximately 35 miles). Once you are inside the city limits, the road becomes a four-lane and your will see Spence Field on your right.

Spence Field in Moultrie, GA is a former US Military flight training facility. It was used during WWII and during the Korean Conflict, closing in 1961. The area is now an industrial park and home to Maule Aircraft Manufacturers.

Maule Air Inc. manufactures single-engine, 4 place STOL (Short Takeoff Or Landing) aircraft. The Maule is used by private pilots, business owners, couriers, flight schools, military forces, law enforcement agencies, flight-seeing operations, and in many other types of service. They have been seen in feature films and product advertisements. They can be found in some of the most exotic and remote locales and have made several trips around the world.

The Maule M-7 Amphibian model is a tail dragger, float equipped model. The M-7 on wheels has a take off distance of just 250 feet, with a cruising speed of 164 mph. This little aircraft can get you comfortably to your destination, whether your destination is the middle of the Alaskan tundra or a remote tropical island!

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Clue: From Hwy. 133 you will come to a sign that says, “Moultrie Regional Industrial Park, City of Moultrie/Spencefield Entrance 1” (Note that coming from Moultrie, your will see Entrance 2 before you see Entrance 1) Turn at Entrance 1 onto S. Vandenberg St. Go about 1 block and turn left onto Welch St. Stay on Welch Street until you come to an intersection and you see Maule Air Inc. directly in front of you. Turn right onto W. Yount St.

Continue on West Yount until you see a concrete basketball court on your left. Pull into the grassy area to the right of the court and park there. You will notice a line of short needle pine trees whose limbs touch the ground. Start at the first cluster of pines nearest the street and walk due north until you come to what looks like a single tree but is actually a hardwood tree and a pine tree twisted and grown together. When you are even with this double tree, you will have just passed a large cluster of 8 pine trees. There is a really neat arbor in the middle of this cluster. Enter through the natural archway on the north end. As you walk through the arbor there will be four trees on the right and four on the left. The letterbox is under pine straw at the base of the last tree on your left, at the south end of the arbor.