Peace and love-Colorado Bend  LbNA # 44613

Placed DateNov 20 2008
CountySan Saba
LocationBend, TX
Planted Byboopy and boy    
Found By PI Joe
Last Found Jan 27 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is waiting for you at Colorado Bend State Park near Bend , Texas. It is just a short walk to the box, but miles of trails are available.
This is a little stamp carved by my teenage niece, entitled Peace and Love.
Go to the well marked trail that courses beside the river nearest camp site #22. This trail will be to the left as you enter the developed area of the park and goes to back country camping.
You will go downhill on a gentle grade just a minute or two after getting on the trail. At the bottom of this decline is a small dry creek wash. Just 25 steps beyond the dry creek bed, look to your left for a large Cedar Elm tree. Walk about 20 steps off the trail (to the left) to find a second large Cedar Elm tree with the box tucked into its roots.