Purple Fat Cat  LbNA # 44616 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFat Cat    
Placed DateNov 20 2008
LocationLauderdale Nature Center, Lauderdale, MN
Found By Sandcastle2
Last Found Jul 9 2012
Hike Distance?

(Alive and well in April 2014.)

Go to the intersection of Vincent Street and Folwell Avenue in St. Paul (near the U of M golf course).

There is a walk path between 2261 and 2267 Folwell. Take the path between the houses to the stairs going down into the Lauderdale Nature Center park and trails.

Walk down the triple-railed stairs.

Go to the center of the path, turn left, and head west on the trail, following the cement wall on the left.

At the end of the cement wall (about 150 steps), turn right, and take the path between the two double-trunked trees.

Follow the path in a NNW direction.

At about 20 steps, the path goes up hill.

Take another 25 steps, and the path goes mildly down hill.

After another 20 steps or so, there's an old fallen tree on the left. The path turns right here, in a U-shape around the fallen tree.

After about 20 more steps, follow the path to the left. Do not go right on to the golfcourse.

Go another 30 steps to a mossy mound. (Note, fallen tree here. Navigate through or around. Look right.)

Look right. See a log on the ground with two chainsaw cuts.

Walk about 5 steps from the path to the log with the chainsaw cuts, which is next to a distressed tree.

Remove the round rock from the base of the log next to the tree. There you will find the Purple Fat Cat.