Connor Battlefield  LbNA # 44635

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateNov 22 2008
LocationRanchester, WY
Found ByJuergens
Last UpdateJun 13 2014


In Ranchester, turn south on Gillette St. and drive towards the Connor Battlefield campground. At the end of the road:

Find the path over water
And walk straight as an arrow
To a beast slaughtered
By Arapahoe for meat and clothing.

Learn about Black Bear and Connor
From a sign to the south(ish).
Wagons + troops is the number
To subtract from calvary to get X.

Along the road you’ll view
A tall stone marker.
Once there, the number you’ll use
With your compass is X.

Walk towards the Tongue
On this reading a ways
Until you reach the last strung post
And carefully slide around.

Take 30 paces back along the fence
To a large broken up tree
Look around the south side
Under some bark and leaves.

Make sure you are discrete in your letterbox hunting - in the summer there are lots of campers and picnickers! Please cover the box back up as best you can (it's easiest reached from the south side!)