Connor Battlefield  LbNA # 44635

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateNov 22 2008
LocationRanchester, WY
Found By sodaska
Last Found Jul 19 2015
Hike Distance?

** In place as of March 2015 **

In Ranchester, turn south on Gillette St. and drive towards the Connor Battlefield campground. At the end of the road:

Find the path over water
And walk straight as an arrow
To a beast slaughtered
By Arapahoe for meat and clothing.

Learn about Black Bear and Connor
From a sign to the south(ish).
Wagons + troops is the number
To subtract from calvary to get X.

Along the road you’ll view
A tall stone marker.
Once there, the number you’ll use
With your compass is X.

Walk towards the Tongue
On this reading a ways
Until you reach the last strung post
And carefully slide around.

Take 30 paces back along the fence
To a large broken up tree
Look around the south side
Under some bark and leaves.

Make sure you are discrete in your letterbox hunting - in the summer there are lots of campers and picnickers! Please cover the box back up as best you can (it's easiest reached from the south side!)