Club Penguin Series  LbNA # 44642

OwnerVerona Bird Patrol    
Placed DateNov 22 2008
LocationFitchburg, WI
Found By Mosling Clan
Last Found Aug 19 2012
Hike Distance?

These letterboxes are planted at Prairie Moraine, in the Dane County Parks. Park just south of the Nesbitt Rd/Fitchrona Rd intersection. You will have to park on the side of the road or in the Quarry Ridge Recreational Area parking lot. There are three overpasses going over Fitchrona Rd. Two are Hwy 151 and one is the Military Ridge Bike Trail. Follow the path up from Fitchrona Rd. onto the bike trail and head west. About 10 minutes walk down the trail, on the left is the entrance to Prairie Moraine Park. There is a sign, but is is only a map of the Dane County Park system. Follow the trail straight into the park. You will pass a bench on the left. A little way further, the trail splits, take the straight path to the edge of the lake. About 8 paces off the trail to the right is a multitrunked bush. Find "Plummy Penguin" [Box #1] at the center of the bush.

Turn back toward the intersection and continue down the main path. At the fork, take the trail to the right that skirts the wetlands. Eventually you will pass two large bushes on the right side of the trail. Take 12 steps from the second bush. Find your way into the brush on the left to a large tree with dipping branches. Look at head-height for the "Puffle" [Box #2].

Return to the trail and continue on down the path. At the 4-way intersection, take the path straight ahead. It will begin to go slightly uphill. At the crest, look at the rock at your feet to find "Waddle Penguin" [Box #3].

Turn back and retrace your steps to your car.

Round trip this series will take about 45 minutes.