Earth Lovers (Eco Girls #2)  LbNA # 44657 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 15 2008
LocationSkokie, IL
Planted ByEco Girls    
Found By Atom 118
Last Found Feb 28 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the second of a series of three letterboxes placed by EcoGirls at the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie, Illinois.

Get back on the path and begin to follow it around the pond.
While you walk, you should see lots marsh reeds growing in the pond.
Look up high for a brown box made for flying friends. If you see one, you know you are going the right way.

Pass the second one, and you’re getting closer.
Huge, man-made structures will be seen on your nature walk.
When you get to a clearing, find the two trees that each have 3 trunks.

Stand between them and move away from the quiet waters towards the sounds of traffic.
You should be walking past tree stumps toward a metal barrier.
Find the center post and locate the log pile to reach your goal.