"HAPPY BearthDAY" (EcoGirls #3)  LbNA # 44658 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 15 2008
LocationSkokie, IL
Planted ByEco Girls    
Found By MamaMir
Last Found Jun 27 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the last of three letterboxes placed by EcoGirls at the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie, Illinois.

Return to the path once more. With your back to the fence and facing the path, turn to your right and continue.
You will see wooden railings again. Head up the path and then go to the left and down the hill to a wooden deck.
Cross the deck and walk past the stars and stripes.

When you reach the blacktop go straight across, don’t take any paths to your left.
Continue walking straight along the blacktop path. After about 25 steps, look
ahead of you, and you should see a shelter and tables. Rest a moment and then on to your final goal.

Start at the hollow tree stump and count off the 7 fallen pieces. When you get to the last, you should be looking at a mighty Oak. Take around 10 paces to get to the tree.

Circle halfway around and find its partner to the south. (On a sunny day you will see the sun in the western sky).
In 15 paces, you should meet with the leafy fellow.
Go behind him and search around for the last treasure.