Mary's Mug: Lied Discovery  LbNA # 44665

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateNov 23 2008
LocationNew Berlin, WI
Found By PackerBackers
Last Found Aug 12 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is part of an occasional series based on my collection of mugs. This mug came from the Lied Discovery Children's Museum in Las Vegas. My mother lived in Henderson for a few years, so I got to check out Vegas! Mostly the kid-friendly stuff, of which there is alot. Now I want to go back - to see what letterboxes are there, of course!

Go to Malone Park. There sure are lots of light here!

Walk by the playing places for 4 of America's favorite sports (tennis, volleyball, soccer and baseball) as you go to the map on the green trail. The access trail is near where the first baseline would extend off of diamond #6.

From the map, head down the trail at 60 degrees.

After a while, you'll walk over the "eleven". From the other end, look for the nine trunk tree at ten degrees. Hint: one trunk looks like the eye of a needle.

You'll find your Discovery in the base of the tree, to the left.

*****Clue corrected to refer to correct base in the baseball field. 3/22/2009 *****