Look! They're all Around You!  LbNA # 44673 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateNov 22 2008
Location???, TX
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 20 2011
Hike Distance?


Off 290 is a quaint little town full of antiques and great pies. It also is home of a world renowned Institute for young musicians. And a beautiful retreat center. Our church women's groups comes here every fall for a week-end retreat. This box was placed in honor of the 2008 retreat.

Locate the center of town at the intersection of 237 and 1457 in Fayette County. Between the old chocolate and klump off the town square, travel west to where even the books go to church. Park you vehicle and find the spot where Grace is found and the squirrels look on eternally. Then rest a spell at the near-by picnic tables. If you are seated at the farther table, facing the place reserved for children, look straight ahead toward the ground on the left. 'Neath the greenery, under a rock, you'll see what surrounds you. (If you step off the rock flooring, you'll be getting colder.)

I hope you enjoy this little box, and are blessed by "seeing" what surrounds you. Replace well, so others may see too.

Please let me know via Atlas Quest how the box is doing, as I'm only back here once a year.