Peaceful Resting Place  LbNA # 44678 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 15 2008
LocationMiami, FL
Found By Autumn Dreamer
Last Found Mar 14 2011
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Peaceful Resting Place

Enter thru the East entrance, walk up paved road. Price will be right. Left won't budge, have to excuse belch on right. A pinch of spice? Take a right off the path at the OC (original carpenter). All the way to the woman encased in concrete. After paying your respects head West. Pass the little lamb on your left. Pass grey on right. Might see the animals in the zoo to your right, don't worry, they're fenced in but don't feed them (I think they might bite). Once you come to the Stars of David take a turn to your left, follow the wall to the paved road. Once there make a left. Follow the paved road, soon you'll see some history explained on your left and the crypt keeper on your right. Pass the couple of secretaries. Keep going, pass the daughters to your left by taking the circle to your right. See a beautiful bird on left. Outdated method transportation on right. Say hello to the Burdines. Continue to another circle, take either direction past the mother of Miami. Continue as if you were leaving the cemetery, but change your mind at the last second and head to your right. You'll see a pile of wood, pass it and head over to take a look and see what pvt Jacob Johnston is guarding. Box will be under a coral rock. Hey, those don't grow in trees! Be discreet, groundskeep doesn't get many of the living kind and has great info on the place if he's there. Found this place in a google search for cemeteries under best places to eat in Miami! Said because it's peaceful and serene.