Oyster Creek  LbNA # 44683

OwnerJohn & Jill    
Placed DateDec 1 2008
LocationEnglewood, FL
Found By under the rug
Last Found Jul 17 2014
Hike Distance?

Find the Oyster Creek Regional Park walking trails. There are two entrances to the park. One is just south of the Lemon Bay High School on S.R. 775 (Placida Rd.) between the H.S. and the bridge over O.C. The other is behind the new swimming pool off San Casa Blvd. Park in either place and get a map from the little box at the trailheads. The trailhead behind the swimming pool is 300 yds. back towards the woods near the freestanding, large pavillion. Locate the long, curvy walk bridge over Oyster Creek (not the shorter, straight bridge behind L.B.H.S.). Go to the southwest end of the bridge (the opposite end from where the information sign is). Go off the bridge onto the sand up along the outside of the handrail. Look for an arrow carved and inked into the wood at eye level on the fifth stanchion from the end. Reach down under the bridge up on top of the support beam that holds the bridge up on the two pilings planted there. The box is out of sight on that beam. It's under the walkway, completely out of sight. Good luck! Have fun! E-mail us if anything is wrong. johnrobertbowen@yahoo.com