Some of My Favorite Things **REMOVED TIL SPRING*  LbNA # 44688 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 26 2008
LocationFalmouth, ME
Planted Bysupergurlshy    
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Since the smell of the ocean air and spending time with my dogs are two of my favorite things, this box will be located on Macworth Island. A place where I like to walk my dogs and enjoy Maine’s coast.
First, you need to drive to the Island in Falmouth and cross the bridge. You will need to stop at the booth where you simply explain to the attendant that you would like to take a walk around the Island. He will then direct you to the parking lot. Park your car…
You then need to begin walking along the path heading toward the south side of the Island. You will pass the restrooms and a small brick building that sais, “ Portland Water District”.
Continue down the trail. Take a right where the trail splits near the school. Continue down the trail. You will come to a bench on the right side of trail. Take time to enjoy the view of Casco Bay and Fort Gorges on the left.
When you come to #6 you will go down the stairs that continue in the same direction as you were going. If you have a pet, this is a good time to tie him or her to the stairs so you can have both hands free.
Go under the stairs. You may see some arrows showing that you are getting warm!! Go up the incline (be careful).
Just before the 3rd post look for a red flat rock. Remove rock and you will find the letterbox…..Enjoy!
When putting the box back please be careful to hide it just like it was when you found it. THANKS!!!