Hail, Fredonia!  LbNA # 44696

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateNov 24 2008
LocationFredonia, TX
Found BySilver Eagle
Last UpdateJul 14 2015

Freedonia (Fredonia) was a fictional country in the classic 1933 Marx. Brothers movie, "Duck Soup." Groucho plays Rufus T. Firefly, the dictator of this tiny country. Because the Marx Brothers' Freedonia had so many qualities—autocracy, diminutiveness, and obscurity, to name but a few — the term "Freedonian" is now often used to describe a place having any one of these qualities.

When the film was first released, the village of Fredonia, New York complained about the possible harmful impact the film might have on them. The Marx Brothers replied, in typical Marx fashion, "Change the name of your town. It is hurting our picture." The satirical depiction of Freedonia is said to have led Benito Mussolini to ban the film in Italy. (from Wikipedia)

The Texas town of Fredonia was a stage stop in the late 1880s. At one time the town had several churches, a general store, a drugstore, and a blacksmith shop. The community also had its own newspaper, the Fredonia Kicker, which was published by a man named Robertson in his home for a short time.

In the twentieth century Fredonia's economy gradually changed its emphasis from cotton farming to peanut farming, and numerous small landholdings were gradually consolidated into larger ones. The population peaked at an estimated 200 in the 1920s and dropped to 50 in 2000. In the mid-1980s the town had a post office, a church, and a filling station.


Traveling on Hwy. 71, one mile east of Fredonia, Texas (northwest of Austin), is Deer Creek Cemetery Rd. Turn north on this road. You will soon cross a streambed, make a sharp turn to the right, and come to a cattleguard. Look at the base of a large tree on your right, 9 paces before you get to the cattleguard. Box is wedged between fallen log and tree. Please rehide well.

Follow signs in Fredonia to the Post Office to see all that is left of this old town.