Buffalo Wallow  LbNA # 44698 (ARCHIVED)

Ownersoli Deo gloria    
Placed DateNov 27 2008
LocationOdessa, TX
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Note, This letterbox was vandalized and has not been replaced!!!

This is a low pasture area where Buffalo were once thought to have roamed. Now, it is home to many jackrabbits, coyotes, deer, tarantula, and mesquite trees.

From E. Loop 338 turn West on 87th Street. Go to E. Harvard, turn right and continue on to Vassar Street. Park at the corner of Vassar and 88th in front of a large grove of trees.

Follow the trail through the trees, then turn left at the "T." Keep going to the "Y" in the path and stay right. Pass through the tree lined path, down the dip in the path, and follow the trail as it curves to the left conjoining with the larger trail. Continue about 20 more yards and stand underneath the telephone pole wires.

Once underneath the middle wire, turn around 180 degrees and face the direction you just came from. Walk back about 25-30 paces and turn and face the large pile of old concrete curbs. Center yourself with the house far off in the distance and notice the highest point of curbs. There should be a cairn marking the spot. Stand on this point and face the large grove of trees. Look down into the crevice on you right side. You will see a red brick covering the box.

Great job! Be careful for onlookers, and please re-hide.