Squirrel’s Secret Treasure  LbNA # 44712 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWe're All Nuts    
Placed DateOct 25 2008
LocationFunk's Grove, IL
Found By Topcollector
Last Found Oct 9 2011
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Squirrel’s Secret Treasure

You wouldn’t believe what I found! It’s very special, and I bet it has magical powers! I hid it someplace secret and safe so only the smart and good will be able to find it and make a wish. Are you worthy enough to find it?

I hid it in the Sugar Grove Nature Preserve near Funk’s Grove, IL. To find it, begin in the parking lot and look for a path at the end of the parking lot that passes through a tunnel of ivy.

Follow this path through the tunnel of vines to a bridge whose walkway never gets wet.

Cross the bridge and take the path to the right.

Follow the path until you spy a place where the little humans play. There are two ways to cross to the play area; you might get wet one way! Go ahead and cross over the water however you want. If you act really cute when you get there, the humans might throw you some food … even if they’re not supposed to.

Explore the play area and keep a look for a big picture window without a house. With your back to the creek, look straight through the window frame to spy the next path you have to take.

With this in your sights, take the path out to the prairie and follow it to the left. Watch out for hawks and vultures! But enjoy the butterflies!

This path comes to a T … take the left route. When the path again meets another, take the path that looks like it will head back toward the woods the quickest (hurry -- so the hawks won’t get you!).

At the bottom of the path into the woods is another path. Look for the octopus tree and keep it to your right. The other direction will take you under a tree bough and then to a bridge where trolls live. If you make this mistake and come to the troll’s bridge, turn around and go the other way quickly & quietly!

This is a long stretch of path, but the last one. Endure, but do not lose concentration. At the first sharp bend in the path (to the left), STOP! (There is a rough path continuing straight, but don’t go down that because it’s a dead end.) The prize is near!

At the bend, look around in the forest for a large pig-nosed tree. This tree is surrounded by many smaller trees, and you’ll need to look up a bit to see the pig snout. The tree’s snout is pointing right at the tree stump behind which my prize is buried under some dirt and leaves! (Tip: move down the rough path a few feet so the pig nose is pointing right at you … turn around … and look down for a stump.)

If you find my prize, make a happy wish! Then please put it back as nicely as you found it so someone else can make a wish, too! Happy Letterboxing!