Long Island  LbNA # 44720

OwnerSwift Water    
Placed DateNov 23 2008
LocationLong Island, ME
Found By Moonbeams
Last Found Aug 29 2009
Hike Distance?

The letterbox is located on Long Island in Casco Bay Maine. The island is reachable via the ferry. See www.cascobaylines.com for the ferry schedule.

When you depart the ferry landing, head for the east end of the island. Follow Eastern Avenue all the way to the end to a rocky spot where you can watch a beautiful sunrise. Head out over the rocks, at 30 steps (form the start rocks just off the road) you should be facing the flag pole. Look down and there is a unique quartz vein running though the rocks. Stop and face the flagpole straight ahead. Turn around 180 degrees towards some low growing evergreens. Hidden in the gnarly roots of one, you will find the prize.