Ladybug2  LbNA # 44729

Placed DateNov 28 2008
LocationWestlake, OH
Found By cattails.clg
Last Found Sep 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Ladybug has found a new home. Hopefully she will stay put for a while. She is located in Bradley Woods Reservation (part of the Metroparks). The reservation is located on Bradley Road, South of Center Ridge Road. Turn into the park on White Oak Lane. Park anywhere in the first parking area. Walk up to the very nice picnic shelter and go around to the left. When you get to the sign that tells you about the mosquito life cycle, go back two paces. The path starts between a tree on the left that has seven trunks and a tree to the right that has five trunks. Take this path. You will step over a fallen tree and go under another. When you come to the first trail that goes to the right, take it. A log has fallen over the beginning of the trail that you will have to climb over. You will pass a trail that goes to the right. Someone marked it with a red towel, but I can't guarantee it will still be there. Do NOT take that trail. Keep going straight. The trail takes a sharp right. Down the trail you will have to step over 3small fallen trees (not roots). You will then come to a fourth small log that goes over a small ditch. A little further you will step over a fifth small log. Go nine and a half paces. There will be a tree on your left very close to the trail.. In line with this tree and to the left, six paces in (two paces, a ditch, then four paces) you will find the box in the bottom of a large tree. I hope you enjoy your hike.