Stillwater Prairie Reserve  LbNA # 44745

Placed DateNov 29 2008
LocationCovington, OH
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Stillwater Prairie Reserve main entrance is located at 9750 N. St. Rt. 185. This is west of St. Rt. 48 and E. of St. Rt. 721, north of Covington.

Following the signs to the "Picnic Area" which will be the first left after you enter the park. Park near the picnic shelter and continue on foot.

Following the gravel path past the old-fashioned water pump. Cross the 1st bridge (without hand rails). Just before the 2nd bridge (with hand rails), you'll notice an inconspicuous tree stump in the left edge of the gravel trail. Standing on the tree stump and facing away from the trail, take about 10 steps into the woods to a downed tree/log. The first LB is hidden in a nest of leaves at the nearest end of the log. It is between a large knot on the left and another knot pointing downhill on the right.

Return back to the gravel trail and continue across the 2nd bridge. Pass a bench and cross over a metal grate. Just when you come to a prairie clearing, you'll notice 3 large boulders at the edge of the woods on your left. LB #2 is nestled between the two uphill boulders.

Continue along the gravel path through the prairie grass and then take the boardwalk to the left. Follow the boardwalk to its end. There you might notice some trampled tracks to your left. Here you will depart from the popular trail. Follow the trampled tracks straight ahead and to the left for about 40 steps uphill to a small wooden platform. The last letterbox and logue book are tucked under the platform in the north east corner, behind a cinder block.

Please replace all boxes well and be respectful of the environment. If you'd like to continue on the gravel path at the end of the boardwalk you can enjoy a nice walk along the Stillwater.