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Columbia State Historic Park  LbNA # 44759 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 29 2008
LocationColumbia, CA
Planted ByEco Teacher    
Found By Eco Mom
Last Found Nov 29 2008
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Columbia State Historic Park

This park was once known as the "Gem of the Southern Mines." Between the 1850s and 1870s over one-half billion dollars in gold (at today's value) was mined in the area. For a time, Columbia was the second largest city in California.

Unlike many other settlements that disappeared due to fire, vandalism and time, Columbia survived and was never completely deserted. In 1945, the State Legislature made the site a State Historic Park in order to preserve a typical Gold Rush town, an example of one of the most colorful eras in American history.

Visitors have the chance to time-travel to the 1850s, imagining life when gold miners rubbed shoulders with businessmen and the other residents in Columbia. Visitors can experience a bygone era watching proprietors in period clothing conduct business in the style of yesterday.

Visitors can taste hand-dipped chocolates, a superior cup of coffee, or savor fine dining, family fare, or purchase picnic provisions. There are opportunities to ride a 100 year-old stagecoach, pan for gold, or tour an active gold mine.
There's also the chance to relax at one of two comfortable hotels, listen to music in historic saloons, or take in a performances at the Fallon Theatre. Visitors can also make a candle or purchase Columbia made soap, wooden toys, old fashioned clothes, or dress-up for a photograph. Take a walk to the two-story brick school house and cemetery overlooking town, or hike the one-mile nature trail where mule deer and wild flowers can be seen.


If you are standing at the corner of Parrott and Vine,
You will not be finding the letterbox this time.

Because I can only be found at Columbia State Park,
Where Towle and Leavitt Dry Goods you will need to embark.

On the quest to follow my rules,
To stamp from another letterbox by following these clues:

If you were to do 4 skips, 5 jumps and to look around a lot,
You would find SHOES that are really HOT!

Arrange your paces to the back of this shed,
Because if you do, to the letterbox you have almost been led.

I am hidden behind the shed to the left below some building blocks,
I could be made out of wood, concrete, or just plain rocks.

Once you have found the letterbox by correctly following the clues,
Make sure you stamp your journal and DO NOT SPREAD THE NEWS!