The Badger Box  LbNA # 44762

OwnerThe Naughty Trolls    
Placed DateNov 29 2008
LocationEagle, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jul 25 2015
Hike Distance?

You might see a real badger on this trail! This box is located in the Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit - near Eagle, WI.

This box (our first letterbox plant) is located on the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail which is just off of State Hwy 67 on Highway ZZ. It is in the Ottawa Lake Recreational Area. (State park sticker required.)

In the parking lot area, grab a trail map to discover interesting history about each marker. The Nature Trail is to the left of this box. Upon entering the trail, you will see a sign that points to the right to the nature trail. Go that direction.

Your first stop is at the Scuppernong Marsh. Stop for a minute to enjoy wildlife and possibly see some sandhill cranes.

Stop #2 - you will walk on an old railroad bed complete with railroad ties on the sides!

Stop #3 - Concrete walls rise up above the earth as evidence of an old Marl Works plant which operated from 1909-1915. (Marl is a lime-rich gray-white soil which was collected for fertilizer.)

Stop #4 - The Marl Pit is in this area, too.

After exploring the Marl Works area, please return to the main trail to continue on your quest.

Stop #5 - Cross the bridge over the Scuppernong River. Years ago, fur trappers and Native Americans trapped animals like beavers, otters, and mink. Your mission after wandering down by the river's crystal clear water (steps) is to return to the main trail to continue your hunt to trap our badger!

On the way to Stop #6, you will see a beautiful scenic overlook on your left. Stop and enjoy! Continue up a small hill to find an old Native American Campsite. Your journey is almost over. Explore the site and possibly find a real arrowhead. Take the right fork from post marker #6, take 17 paces down the trail (towards the sandy cleared campsite area). From where you stopped, go directly left 13 paces and you will find a large charred fallen tree trunk. Underneath is a trapped badger.

After capturing our badger, you can continue on to visit more hidden springs.

Note: Our stamp is a bit crude, as it was our first attempt. Enjoy! - The Naughty Trolls of Waunakee, WI