Greyhound Rock Pine  LbNA # 44775

Placed DateNov 29 2008
CountySanta Cruz
LocationDavenport, CA
Planted ByJRunners    
Found By whalerider
Last Found Dec 7 2013
Hike Distance?

Greyhound Rock Pine

If you love exploring the California central coastline and taking a drive on Highway 1 you’ll have a great time hunting down this letterbox. Caution the access to this letterbox will be limited due to tides and does require some steep climbing to attain your objective.

First, you will need to locate the Greyhound Rock State Beach, which lies to the north of Davenport, California. Then take the sidewalk down to the beach. You will see the large “Greyhound Rock” as you come down that sidewalk. Walk to your right, heading “north” up the beach. As you remain along the sea wall, sand cliffs, be on the lookout for a 15’ deep cave, hollowed out by the ocean. Once you have reached this location take approximately 190 paces northward or further up the beach. At this point you will notice a large sprawling pine tree on the cliff. Climb up to that tree and you will notice another pine tree just behind the first one. From here you will need to climb the steep sides using the second trees roots for footholds and perhaps a rope that was left by some other adventurer. Follow the rope to a small, 6’ x 6’ plateau. Located at the top of and just to the left of the rope between two roots you will find the letter box. Have a great day at the beach exploring.