Beaverhead Totem  LbNA # 44777 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 1 2008
LocationDillon, MT
Planted ByBeaverhead Totem    
Found By mjane
Last Found Feb 14 2009
Hike Distance?

The Beaverhead Totem is placed to encourage you to sit a while and enjoy the expanse of the Beaverhead Valley of Big Sky Country with the serene Beaverhead River winding below.

As Sacajawea pointed the way to her homeland and ultimately to the great Pacific Ocean to Merriweather Clark the vistas of the Beaverhead Valley lay before them.

At the Clark's Lookout State Park located on Old Highway 91 North near Dillon, the trail begins. Start your journey in the parking lot. A park toilet vault located on the Northwest end of the lot is your starting point. Walk the easy trail up to the top of Rattlesnake Cliffs to find the Compass Rose. Spend a moment here and slowly turn 360 degrees to take in the breathtaking view sharing the vision Merriweather Clark saw over 100 years ago on his historic journey West

Standing on the Compass Rose, face north and walk 10 paces. Redirect to 280 degrees and walk another 17 paces. Redirect again to 260 degrees and step another 14 paces. Directly in front of you see the naturally formed rock steps leading to two large boulders. Nestled between these two boulders, find a pile of rocks that guards the Beaverhead Totem.

Be sure to tell the Beaverhead Totem where your homeland is
and be safe in your journeys.