Thanksgiving Tradition  LbNA # 44779 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerteam mcgale    
Placed DateNov 27 2008
LocationCleveland Zoo, OH
Found By team mcgale
Last Found Jun 17 2013
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Thanksgiving Tradition Letterbox

Every year since 1997 on Thanksgiving morning, we have taken a trip to the zoo with nieces and nephews and our kids. What began as a small gathering has grown to include friends and other family members and changes each year based on who is in town. We planted this letterbox on Thanksgiving in 2008 to commemorate what started as a way to keep the kids out of everyone’s hair and has become a tradition.


The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a very busy place, so please be as discreet and stealthy as possible.

The letterbox is located in the northern trek section of the zoo near the Polar bears and wolves. If you come in the main entrance, follow the signs to the Northern Trek (there are a couple ways to get there).

Once you enter the Northern Trek and pass under the Fulton Road bridge (at the time of planting, it was being rebuilt but you still can’t miss it), follow the path toward wolf wilderness. Just past the exit to the wolf building you will see the statues of Balto and Togo, sled dogs who brought a desperately needed vaccine to the children of Nome, Alaska. Stay on that path and you will see the heroes who pull Santa’s sleigh and bring desperately needed toys to all children. Pass the camels and you will see the Northern Trek Trading Post on your left. Travel under the large spiked tree that marks the entrance to the trading post area. You will see 2 polar bear statues on your right. Your treasure is hidden behind the polar bear on your right. Look in the crevices of the rock wall, near the base. There is some bark on top of the letterbox to help conceal it. Carry the letterbox to a less conspicuous area to do your stamping and please be sneaky when you rehide it. We hope you have enjoyed your quest and a day at a really great zoo.