(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Ponie  LbNA # 44830

Placed DateDec 1 2008
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByDuckie & Show Ponies    
Found By Copper Acorn
Last Found Oct 31 2009
Hike Distance?

This letter box is located in Marott Park 7350 N. College Ave. in Indianapolis, IN. Park then head to the shelter. Stand at the North West corner of the shelter and locate the trail at 320⁰. Shortly after you enter the trail follow the 6 log steps over the bridge to where the trail forks. Take the left fork and you should see a large pinkish / black rock ahead. Shortly after the rock you will pass a fallen tree with a stump that looks burnt. Stay on the trail and head for the wooden fence. You will pass through a cut out tree that has fallen across the trail. The trail will “T” at the fence, turn left and follow the fence down the hill. Be careful, watch for roots along the trail. At the end of the fence take the trail right. You should pass under a small tree bent over the trail. At this point you should be able to see a large tree with an opening roughly 5 feet tall on the North side ahead along the trail. Continue along passing a tree with a “U” shaped vine roughly 8 feet off of the ground. Keep going until you come to a fork, you should be able to see the creek from here. Go to the right back toward the hill with the wooden fence. The trail follows the creek, be careful don’t fall in, unless you want to. Continue on the trail past the fallen trees over the creek. When the trail forks by the second fallen tree look right you will see a large tree leaning over the trail to the right, head that way. You will see some green metal rails and the hill with the wooden fence on your right. You will see an arched tree over the creek bed. Take the creek bed right. Follow the creek bed until you cross under a log roughly three feet above the bottom of the creek bed. Duck under the fallen tree, place your back against it and take a reading of about 195⁰. You will see a large fallen tree ahead about 60-70 feet. Find the roots and move along the tree towards the top. Before the large tree on the south side the fallen tree forks. Search for the letter box under where the tree forks. The letter box is covered with some sticks, leaves and a small log. Good luck, have fun!