Zzyzx VW bus  LbNA # 44836

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateDec 20 2008
CountySan Bernardino
LocationBaker, CA
Planted ByVIENNA    
Found By old folks
Last Found Jan 30 2016
Hike Distance?

Volkswagen Bus series
Highway 15 near Baker
This is an easy drive by
20JAN16 Alive & Well

SLICK KITTY was kind enough to replace the cracked box.
06NOV09 THE FLOWER GIRLS placed a new hand carved stamp I made.

18MAR11 update by Desert Flower and Azroadie
Drive 0.1 pull into pull out, no sign or posts. Pile of black asphalt and metal posts leading to wash.
Cross wash and turn left to bush with SPOR.

31JUL 13 update by Poison Oak
Big thanks to The Happy Campers, as without this *important* addition to the clue -
"go to middle of wash turn left and walk about 50 ft. And bush is on right side at edge of wash.
SPOR is on side of bush away from stream"

07JUN15 update by cshorr
Walk down wash till you see 2 tires. Go OUT of the wash on the south side and find a
group of 3 large bushes with a pile of rocks next to them. The "box" is under the rocks.

28NOV15 update by free butterfly
After you go .1 mile…....;there is no sign......but the pile of asphalt is still there.....go to the pullout and the pile of asphalt....

20JAN16 update by Tepee-AZ
Since the planting, several bushes have sprouted so look for this cluster near the tires and the obvious SPOR. Fabulous carve.

Zzyzx road is where you need to be.
Heading north on I-15 you would get off and head southbound
Go Southeast on this road for about 0.1 mile.
Watch your odometer.
Stop at the pile of asphalt
Cross the dry stream bed and on the other side you will see
a SPOR hidden next to a bush. Make sure to cover
this pouch as people use this area to hike.
This is a quick and easy find for the people that drive
from Las Vegas to the Los Angeles area or reverse.