COCo's - Washington  LbNA # 44879

Placed DateDec 5 2008
LocationLast Chance, CO
Found By Flutterby Day
Last Found Oct 4 2009
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COCo's - Washington

The COCo's is a letterbox series consisting of 64 letterboxes...okay, well, it will when it's finished. This series represents every county in the state of Colorado. Originally, Colorado was subdivided into just 17 counties, only two of which remain today as they were originally defined.

For the 'Professional Boxer' these stamps are not intricate, what can you do with a square county? We will; however, attempt to place them in interesting locations and also seek to place them where no other box has gone before.

To assist you and make it a little more fun, there is a county map of Colorado available on our Blog (see link above) that we used to carve these stamps. Please print the map before heading out for your first box. You can stamp the map as you collect these staamps as well as your log book.

It may take us awhile to get around to all 64 counties, so please be patient. Hopefully we'll finish before there are 65.

The 12th largest county in Colorado, Washington County was named for President George Washington. The county seat is Akron. The unincorporated town of Last Chance is so named as it was the last place to get provisions before heading onto to Denver. An important point for those traveling by wagons westward. The South Platte Trail runs through Washington County.

We didn't realize there was already a box in Last Chance. We will move this box to another location when we get the first opportunity. In the mean while, when approaching Last Chance from the south on highway 71 you will approach the intersection of 71 and 36. Before you get to the intersection, notice the line of trees on the eastern side of Hwy 71. The southern-most tree right before the directional sign, has a log at it's base...your prize rests beneath this log.

First finder prize included along with certificate.

Please let us know the status of this box...

the sporaddicts