Hutto Hippo Revisited  LbNA # 44914 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateDec 13 2008
LocationHutto, TX
Found By howeville
Last Found Jun 12 2011
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Hutto is a little town with a big mascot- the hippo! Drive through Hutto, and enjoy the hippos scattered around at businesses and homes alike. Then, follow 1660 North and Live Oak east to Fritz Park to find the Hutto Hippo Revisited Box. The box was originally placed by Team Tex US in June, 2006. The box was adopted, the stamp updated, and box hidden in a different spot. I hope you enjoy the updated version.

Hippo Revisited Box.

Park near the two patriotic hippos, give them a salute as you pass between them, heading toward the pavilion. If you have your lunch, take a relaxing break while the kids play or search for frogs in the pond. When you are ready, look to the far northwest corner of the park. You should spy a large old tree standing lone sentry. Meander over and admire the gnarled bark. Then look behind the tree toward the fence for a double trunked tree. Our hippos are hiding under a pile of leaves. They are a bit wary of the barking dogs across the fence, but if you are quiet and move slowly, I'm sure they won't disturb the hippos too much.

Be sure to take the usual precautions and recover well. Email me via LBNA or AtlasQuest to let me know how these mighty mammals are doing, of ir they need some attention.