The Captain Crunch  LbNA # 44970 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 24 2008
CountySan Diego
LocationPoway, CA
Planted ByBlazinJim    
Found By katielu
Last Found Feb 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Argghhh, it be stolen! This letter box is in process of being replaced as of 8/10/09. We will have a new one in place in a similar location.

Arr the captain be callin' ya to board! Go out and seek him!

There are several ways to reach the location to the letterbox the important part really is getting to the cement block on top of the mountain, there are lots of trails leading up to it.

So my way is just one of the many ways to get to the block you are welcome to follow it or find your own way up. Firstly get on Ted Williams Parkway and from poway start heading toward the I-15 make a left at Shoal Creek Dr. and park just past the stop sign on the right side of the road just past the school, there should be a trail leading SE into the mtns. directly beyond the sidewalk there.

Beginning the trail from the road you'll want to end up on the kinda skinny, eroded trail that spits you out at the a saddle. To get there follow the trail until you see two mounds of dirt in the path (thats an ancient bike jump) at which point make a right and continue up that path to the saddle (it gets kinda steep). At the saddle make a left and head SE and follow until the trail intersects with a more 'main' looking path. Follow this path then for approximately 1/3 of a mile right (south) until you reach the cement block overlooking a large portion of the county.

From the Center of the cement block look 87 degrees E and go 5 (big person)paces and look to your left for a pile of rocks under the cement block uncover those and dig a little to find The Captain waiting for your company! Please rehide well lots of people come up here.