Broadlands Holiday Tour - Winter  LbNA # 45006 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerForce of Five    
Placed DateDec 27 2008
LocationBroadlands, VA
Found By Zorket
Last Found Aug 6 2009
Hike Distance?

These stamps were originally part of the Happy Holiday box in which I changed out the stamp for different holidays. I have decided to permanently plant these.

These letterboxes are located in Broadlands, VA. From Rte. 7, take Claiborne Pkwy. south. Make a right on Vestal’s Gap Drive. Make a left on Gentle Heights Ct. Take the trail at the beginning of this court down the hill into the woods. Follow it to Boulder Glen. Walk all the way up the steep hill to the top. The path will make a T. Take the left path and rest for a few minutes on the bench. It’s all downhill from here.

Go back to the T. Start walking back down the hill. Pass the steep trail and bike warning signs. (The bike warning sign is gone 10/2010, but the post is still there.) You should see a small path/clearing into the woods on the left. Start walking into this area. Do you see the large Christmas rocks on the left? When I planted this box in December, these rocks were red and green! Across the path/clearing there is a large “spear” log pointing at you. Underneath in this general area, you should find a small boulder and a log on the ground. The Christmas letterbox is on the ground between the boulder and the log. It is a small box, so search thoroughly. (Logbook is almost full 10/2010. If you can't find room, feel free to take the stamp image, then just stamp into the New Year's and/or Valentine's logbook.)

Go back to the main path and keep heading down the hill. When you come to another T, take 30 steps down the path to the left. On your right you should see a tree stump with a hole in it and a boulder. Did the walk make you hungry? Are you a fan of stuffed crust pizza? Look around and find the slice of tree stuffed with the Happy New Year letterbox.

Go back to the main path and keep walking back toward your starting point. As you are leaving the woods, notice some long logs on your right, the original hiding place of this letterbox. Across the path from these logs is a large boulder. Behind this boulder, between two large trees are several logs. At the end of the longest log, you will find the Valentine's Day letterbox. (This one is pretty roomy for hitchhikers.)

Thanks for taking the Broadlands Holiday Tour – Winter. Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for rehiding the boxes carefully.